To minimize the required performance load TTVSTreamerTool only has the minimum build in but is extendable through optional addons you can install based on your requirements and needs.

There are currently 10 supported addons ready for you to install directly via the TTVStreamerTool:

  • analytics
    Adds an menu entry that opens up the twitch analytics page directly in the Tool.
  • chatbot
    A basic chatbot that lets you automate responses. There are a few things you can do to make responses more... more.
  • dashboard
    Like the analytics addon this addon will add a menu entry to open up you twitch dashboard.
  • betterttv-emotes
    Adds support for BetterTTV emotes.
  • frankerfacez-emeotes
    Adds support for FrankerFaceZ emotes.
  • gifoverlay
    Adds an overlay to show gifs or short videos or audio clips in your stream.
  • macro
    Shorten messages you type repeatedly.
  • streamTitleChanger
    Change you stream title or game based on the application or game that is currently open.
  • uptime
    Adds an overlay to show you current uptime in your stream.
  • vipgreeting
    Play audio clips when an important person writes in your chat for the first time.