Since everyone has different needs and priorities, you can customize a lot in the normal cockpit/chat view.

Autorecover deleted messages

If a broadcaster or mod deleted messages or timeouts a user these deleted messages will be recovered. Otherwise you have to click on the message to recover the original message.

Show localized display names

Twitch allows users to use non-ASCII characters to localize their usernames. If this option is disabled all non-ASCII display names will be disregarded and the login name displayed instead.

Show viewer list

Disabling this option will hide the list of current viewers/chatters from you cockpit view.

Show action stream

Disabling this option will hide the action stream (new follows, subscribers, hosts, etc.) from you cockpit view. To customize which alert you'd like to see in the action stream check out the alert options.

Show amount of viewers

Disabling this option will hide the number of viewers from you cockpit view.

Classic chat

Enabling this option will dispaly messages next to the username with the user badges before the user name, instead of the message beneath the username and badges.

Sizing & Zooming

In the cockpit view, you can resize the columns by dragging the edge. The cursor shows you where you can drag from. Double click the edge to reset column size. Additionally you can change the text size per column by holding Ctrl and scrolling with the mouse wheel. Pressing Ctrl and middle mouse button to reset the zooming.

Per channel settings

All those settings can be set on a per channel basis.