6.5. Overlay Host

PakL • 2021-05-19

The overlay host creates a HTTP host for you to use as overlays in (SL)OBS. It’s backed up with websockets to make overlays interactable. It also enables you to call TTVST actions via Webhooks. This is a perfect solution for a Stream Deck without the use of hotkeys.

Upon installing the addon you will notice a new entry in the navigation bar. This is the place for any overlay settings. Additional overlay addons will place their settings here. You can change the port, that the HTTP server will listen on. This will be 8090 by default. Please make sure to update your already set up overlays when you change this. You can also change the default font face and color that the overlays should use. Its usage depends on the overlay, though. You can also specify a font border with and color for better readability on potentially multicolored surfaces. You may also need to add potential file sources from your PC here. This is a security/privacy feature to not expose private files to the network by accident, depending on your firewall/network/security setup. Only files from addons and the specified folders can be requested via the HTTP addon.

The overlay addon comes with a music overlay that plays a YouTube playlist and a countdown overlay. You can control both through their settings menu or via TTVST actions.