1. Download and Install

PakL • 2021-03-05

Please download the latest Setup executable file on the landing page of ttvst.app. When downloading the file you may get a warning from your browser. As described on the landing page this is most likely due to the fact that the setup file is not signed. This means that the origin and validity of the file cannot be assured. A code signing certificate, however, is a high investment that I’m not willing to make for such a small, unprofitable project. To mitigate some of your worries, I signed the executeable with a self signed certificate so that you’re at least able to verify that the file is from me by verifying it yourself.
The fingerpint of my current certificate is: 62:f8:77:bb:ad:ed:ea:e4:21:11:f3:9d:43:2c:f1:d2:b5:47:5f:48.

(Valid until 2023-08-25 07:46:49 UTC.)

Upon executing the file you will most likely be greeted with a Windows Defender SmartScreen popup that’ll warn you from executing said file. The reason is the same as described above. You can still execute the file by clicking on “More info” on the SmartScreen popup.

The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process where you can select your install location and select what kind of shortcuts you want. The default install location is the Program Files location of Windows. This is the best location for the files since Windows protects this folder from hidden, unwanted modification.