2. Startpage

PakL • 2021-03-08

The startpages serves as a status overview. You can log into Twitch here, which is kind of important since most features are build around doing stuff with your channel. Some addons will also show their current status so you’ll know if somethings out of order. TTVStreamerTool comes with basic API and Twitch chat capabilities for addons to use.
Therefore the status cards for Twitch Messaging Interface and PubSub will always be there. However, they will only connect if you’re logged into Twitch.

The Startpage will also notify you about new Updates. Start the Update.exe in the installation folder or click on the little button on the right of the update card to start the update process. TTVStreamerTool will be closed during the update process.

Every status card can have some actions you can perform. On the right of the card can appear buttons that perform various actions. To get an idea of what they to hover over them until a tooltip appears.

On the left of the tool you’ll see a bar with a bunch of icon. This is the main navigation. You can collapse it with the three dashes at the very top to see what icon is for which “page”.